Our Ambition

Our ambition is to Serve Christ, Westerham and the wider world.

We want:

  • God to be at the centre of everything.   God is the centre of our worship and mission; nothing must divert attention from Him.
  • Variety. As the only Anglican church in Westerham it is good that we have a variety of service styles and music.   Whilst supporting the existing patterns we can extend to include the best of the ‘new’ with the aim that St Mary’s represents the entire parish.
  • “Come and stay”.   Many people first contact St Mary’s at key points in their lives for weddings, baptisms and funerals.   We will offer the best we can with a loving and enthusiastic welcome, with an invitation to come and join us.
  • Everyone to be involved.   Everyone matters and has something to contribute; the vicar cannot do it all and neither will he try!


  1. Challenges.   A number of people have had to step down after many years of loyal service due to age and ill health.   To continue we will need more people to take on more responsibilities and to address our declining income; if we do not do this some activities, even long-standing and well-loved activities, may have to cease. This also means we will have to prioritise what we do. We cannot tackle now everything that everyone would like to be tackled.
  2. In summary, our aim is to love God and love each other. This will drive what we do and how we do it.

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